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Proc. of the 2005 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology


Rubem Mondaini e R. Dilão (editores)

The BIOMAT 2005 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology and the Fifth Brazilian Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology were organized in the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, RJ from 28th November to 3rd December. The host institution was the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing – LNCC. As part of an already established tradition, we had the participation of many researchers from abroad with significant contributed talks to this conference. We also had the contribution of sixteen Keynote Speakers coming from Europe and North America.

New research groups are now forming in Brazil and many of his members have the profit of collaborating with masters of the interdisciplinary fields of the BIOMAT Symposia. The atmosphere of scientific collaboration of this mature enterprise has also favoured the publication of works under the guidance and advice of those masters. The BIOMAT 2005 Symposium was a living representative of the importance of studying topics of Mathematical and Computational Biology and the general modelling of Biosystems.

The proposal of the BIOMAT Consortium at organizing this series of conferences is fulfilled once more. To increase scientific collaboration, the motivation to young students, the development of the biological interdisciplinary fields in all the Latin America universities and research centres. We congratulate all our collaborators and the members of the BIOMAT 2005 Editorial Board by their splendid work and their belief in these noble wishes.

Chairman of the BIOMAT
Consortium/ BIOMAT Institute
for Advanced Studies of

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