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Proc. of the Fourth Brazilian Symp. on Mathematical and Computational Biology vol.1

First International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

Rubem Mondaini (editor)

  • Preface
  • Editorial Board
  • List of Contributors
  • A Mathematical Model of Dissemination of Toxoplasma gondii by Cats
    D. Y. Trejos Angel, I. Duarte Gandica
  • A Method for Gene Detection based on Maximum Likelihood and A-star
    L. R. Matos, N. Carels, D. Frías
  • A Study of the Propagation of Leaf Lesion Caused by Fungi in Large Plantations
    L. A. Kato, W. C. Ferreira Júnior
  • An Alternative Approach for Promoter Recognition in Prokaryotic Organisms
    J. F. Valiati, P. M. Engel
  • An Adaptive Finite Element Model to Investigate the Interplay Between Circulation Patterns and the Population Dynamics of a Marine Organism
    A. P. C. Rio Doce, R. C. Almeida, M. I. S. Costa
  • Identification of Genes Related to the Secretory Pathway in the Basidiomycete Crinipellis Perniciosa (Stahel) Singer
    A. C. C. dos Santos, R. R. Valle, J. C. de M. Cascardo
  • IGR-ANNOT: A Multiagent System for InterGenic Regions Annotation
    S. da S. Camargo, J. F. Valiati, L. O. Álvares, P. M. Engel, S. C. da Silva
  • Knowledge Discovery in Genome Database: The Chitin Metabolic Pathway in Crinipellis Perniciosa (Stahel) Singer
    C. P. Pirovani, M. A. Lopes, B. M. Oliveira, C. V. Dias, E. C. C. Caldas, B. T. Hora-Júnior, C. S. Souza, R. S. Galante, M. C. Santos Júnior, B. G. M. Silva, A. P. T. Uetanabaro, A. G. Taranto, S. H. da Cruz, M. R. de A. Roque, F. F. L. Micheli, A. da S.Gesteira, A. Schriefer, J. C. de M. Cascardo, G. A. G. Pereira, A. Góes-Neto
  • Mathematical Modeling to Understand HIV Infection Dynamics
    J. da S. Cordeiro, C. J. Struchiner
  • Mining Relevant Information from Natural Antibody Repertoire Regeneration Experiments
    L. I. Ferrari, B. Stransky, N. Nicole, A. Coutinho, A. Nobrega, L. A.V. Carvalho
  • Modeling of Recruiting Dynamic of Algae and Barnacles Using Cellular Automata
    A. Racco, L. Schaeffer
  • Optical Tweezers and Applications
    H. M. Nussenzveig
  • Population Dynamics of An. darlingi in the Presence of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes with Refractoriness to Malaria
    A. P. Wyse, L. Bevilacqua, M. Rafikov
  • Predator-Prey Fuzzy Model in Citrus: Aphids and Ladybugs
    M. S. Peixoto, L. C. Barros, R. C. Bassanezi
  • Speech Recognition using Neural Networks: A Comparative Formant and Its Properties Study
    R. D. N. Vieira, M. M. D. Bertoldi
  • The Calculation of Dose from External Photon Exposures Using Human Mathematical Phantom and Monte Carlo Method
    M. A. F. Lima, A. X. Silva, A. Kelecom
  • The Coding Measure Power of Average Mutual Information and Power Spectrum Analysis
    R. Vidal, N. Carels, D. Frías
  • The Eletric Potential Profile Through the Squid Axon Membrane During Resting and Action States
    C. M. Cortez, F. A. de O. Cruz, D. Silva, L. da F. Costa
  • The Optimal Strategy of the Natural Enemies' Introduction in Biological Pest Control
    M. Rafikov, A. M. Tusset
  • The Reaction-Diffusion Approach to Morphogenesis
    R. M. Dilão
  • Index

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