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Convective Heat Transfer in Ducts

The Integral Transform Approach

C.A.C. Santos, J.N.N. Quaresma e J.A. Lima

The present book is part of a series of contributions on teaching and research of Integral Transforms & Benchmark Problems, aimed at disseminating the knowledge on hybrid methods in a more general sense, and on the Integral Transform Method more specifically. Such contributions have been spontaneously generated during the organization of a series of Workshops on Integral Transforms, initiated in 1989, and were planned to more widely and deeply address the research findings of the contributors on this novel hybrid solution technique for partial differential equations.

The material here presented was officially published during the 3rd Workshop on Integral Transforms organized by COPPE/UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, within the 2nd International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, 22nd-26th, October, 2001. The authors acknowledge the participation of the Brazilian Association of Mechanical Sciences, ABCM, co-promoter of the 2nd ICCHMT, and the financial support of the National Petroleum Agency, ANP, Brazil.

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