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Alain Herscovici
PhD in Economics at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the University of Amiens. Coordinator of the Group of Macroeconomic Studies (GREM) and the Group of Cultural, Communications, Information and Knowledge Economic Studies (GECICC) and professor of the Graduate Program in Economics at UFES. Founding member of the Latin Association of Information, Culture and Communication Political Economy (ULEP-ICC) and researcher for the CNPq (

Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson was programmer in the 70's and 80's and is involved with the online world since the beginning. Created the New Media Lab of The Guardian newspaper in 1995 and became independent journalist in 1997. He teaches Online Journalism at City University, regularly collaborates with the BBC's website, and contributes to several other online and offline publications.

Durval Mazzei Nogueira Filho
Psychiatrist, with a Master’s Degree on the subject. Lacanian psychoanalyst, full professor at Instituto Sedes Sapientiae, coordinator of the Research Group on Drug Addiction at the Psychoanalysis Research Institite in São Paulo, associated to the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis, collaborator of the Research Group on Alcohol and Drugs (GREA) at the Psychiatry Institute at the Clinical Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine/USP.

Fabio Villares

Laymert Garcia dos Santos
PhD, Information Sciences, University of Paris VII, professor of Sociology, University of Campinas, author of several books, including Politizar as novas tecnologias (Ed. 34).

Lucia Santaella
Coordinator of the post-Graduate program in Technology Intelligence and Digital Design/full professor in the post-Graduate program in Communication and Semiotics, both in PUC-SP and professor of the Faculty of Economics, FGV.

Mark W. Bell
Indiana University.

Pedro Peixoto Ferreira
PhD, Social Sciences, IFCH-Unicamp, currently developing post-doctorate research supported by FAPESP about the sound-movement relation in electronic dance music.

Sarah Robbins-Bell
Ball State University.

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