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Proc. of the Third Brazilian Symp. on Mathematical and Computational Biology - v1

Rubem Mondaini (editor)

  • Preface
  • Birth and Death Processes in a Static Environment
    M. A. Maulén-Yañez, E. González-Olivares
  • Immunoglobulin Repertoire Selection: reactivities distribution in peripheral lymphoid compartments
    Stransky, A. Nobrega
  • Image Analysis-based Modeling of Human Judgement of Visual Image Complexity
    C. M. Cortez, L. B. Coelho, D. Silva, M. C. F. de Oliveira, L. F. Costa
  • Training in Health Informatics in Brazil. A five years overview
    E. P. Marques, H. F. Marin, E. Massad, L. Ohno-Machado
  • Computer Model of Oscillatory Brain Activity as a Central Pattern Generator System to Motor Control
    F. A. Cruz, C. M. Cortez
  • Self-propulsion of N-hinged ´Animats` at Low Reynolds Number
    G. A. de Araújo, J. Koiller
  • The Genome of Schistosoma Mansoni
    G. Oliveira, D. Bahia
  • Pattern Recognition in Cranial Ontogeny of Bats and Marsupials with X-ray Microradiography and Phase Contrast Imaging
    H. S. Rocha, L. M. Pessôa, M. G. Hönnicke, G. A. Tirao, C. Cusatis, F. E. Tavares, I. Mazzaro, C. Giles, R. T. Lopes
  • A Model for the Thickness Effect on Permeability of Hydrophilic Biopolymer Films
    A. C. B. Antunes, L. J. Antunes, I. G. J. de Avellar
  • Introducing Electrodes by Interpolation in Applied Image Reconstruction
    J. S. Bevilacqua
  • Metapopulations Study with Subjective Biotic and Abiotic Processes
    K. F. Magnago, R. C. Bassanezi
  • Information Transfer by Parallel Visual Pathways: do different visual pathways minimize joint entropy differently?
    L. C. L. Silveira, C. A. Saito, H. D. de Mello Jr., A. R. Rodrigues, M. S. Filho
  • A Model of Cellular Automata for the Geographic Scattering of the Citrus Sudden Death using the Fuzzy Parameter
    M . S. Peixoto, L. C. Barros, R. C. Bassanezi, R. B. Bassanezi
  • Dynamical Models for the Heart Beat Interval Series
    A. Capurro, L. Diambra, C. P. Malta
  • A New Mathematical Index for Optimal Control of Drug Doses in the Treatment of AIDS -
    M. A. L. Caetano, T. Yoneyama
  • Prognostic of the Pathological Stage of Prostate Cancer: an option using fuzzy sets theory
    M. J. P. Castanho, A. Yamakami, L. C. Barros, L. L. Vendite
  • Insights on the Origin and Evolution of Introns
    M. D. Vibranovski, S. J. de Souza
  • Automatic Calibration of an ODE-Based Eutrophication Model Using Genetic Algorithms
    C. B. P. de Sá, N. F. F. Ebecken
  • A Fuzzy Strategy to Classify Patients Enrolled in Coronary Artery Disease Evaluation -
    P. S. Duarte, N. Ortega, P. Tonelli, L. de Barros, J. C. R. Pereira
  • Building Evolving Ontology Maps for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Informatics
    P. Gottgtroy, N. Kasabov, S. MacDonell
  • An Easy and Fast Way to Analyse Morphometric Characters
    P.R.P. Prado, F.F. Franco, M.H. Manfrin, L. F.Costa, F.M. Sene
  • Geographic Differentation in the Rodent Thrichomys Apereoides Using a Digital and Continous Curvature
    R. A. T. Arantes, G. Mutinari, L. F. Costa, S. F. dos Reis
  • Extracting Gene Relationships From Microarrays Using Fuzzy Logic And Genetic Algorithms
    R. Linden, A. Bhaya
  • Proper Interval Graphs and DNA Fragment Reassembly: A Dynamic Algorithm
    R. A. Hausen
  • Search of Conserved Regions in DNA Sequences Using Genetic Algorithm
    V. De Roberto Jr, N. F. F. Ebecken
  • Immunology: elementary concepts and misconceptions
    N. Vaz
  • Index