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Proc. of the Third Brazilian Symp. on Mathematical and Computational Biology - v2

Rubem Mondaini (editor)

  • Preface
  • Matrix Modelling of a Demersal Captured Population
    Aránguiz-Acuña, E. González-Olivares
  • Protein Folding and De novo Peptide Design: Sequence to Structure to Function
    C. A. Floudas
  • Genomic Mapping and Molecular Processes
    C. Gautier, V. Navratil, C. M. de Lima
  • Microscopic & Macroscopic Models for the Dynamics of the Brain
    C. E. M. Pearce, V. Ivancevic
  • Proposal for Chirality Measure as the Constraint of a Constrained Optimization Problem
    R. Mondaini
  • Consequences of Prey Refuge Use on the Dynamics of Some Simple Predator- Prey Models: Enhancing Stability?
    E. G. Olivares, R. R. Jliberto
  • Optimization in Dengue Epidemics
    M. A. L. Caetano, R. Z.G. de Oliveira, R. C. Bassanezzi
  • Epidemiological Models with Fuzzy Differential Inclusion
    L. C. Barros, R.C. Bassanezi, R.Z.G. de Oliveira
  • Physics + Informatics = New Scientific Method
    L. F. Costa
  • Computer Programs for Genome Annotation by Comparative Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Phylogenies and Molecular Clock Estimates
    M. R. S. Briones, P. B. Paiva, R. F. Mauad, L. Varuzza, A. Brunstein
  • Using Small-World Networks in Epidemiology Models
    M. C. Castaño, L. H. A. Monteiro, J. R. C. Piqueira
  • A Game-Theoretical Approach for the Evolution of HIV Virulence
    E. Massad, M. N. Burattini, R. X. Menezes, F. A. B.Coutinho
  • Dynamics of a Gause Type Prey-predator Model with a Rational Nonmonotonic Consumption Function
    S. A. V. Retamales, E. G. Olivares
  • Automating Annotation of Proteins Keywords in Swissprot
    A. L. C. Bazzan
  • A Gause Type Model with a Generalized Class of Nonmonotonic Functional Response
    A. A. Moya, E. G. Olivares
  • Geometric Approach to the Dynamics of Succession in Plant Communities
    P.L. Antonelli, S.F. Rutz
  • Chaos and Spontaneous Pattern Formation in a Spatial Tritrophic Food Chain
    D. O. Maionchi, M. A M. de Aguiar, S.F. dos Reis
  • Estimation of Distribution Algorithms - a New Stochastic Tool for Bioinformatics
    A. Ochoa, H. Muehlenbein, M. Soto
  • Consequences of the Allee effect on Rosenzweig-McArthur Predator-prey Model
    H. M. Alcay, E. G. Olivares
  • New Zealand Maori Tradition & Prehistory: A Mathematical Perspective
    C. E. M. Pearce
  • Consequences of Harvesting on Dynamic of the Rosenzweig-McArthur Predator-prey Model
    S. I. Olivares, E. G. Olivares
  • Geometric Methods Combining Contour and Landmark Information in the Statistical Analysis of Biological Shape
    L. R. Monteiro, A. P. M. Di Beneditto, L. H. Guillermo, L. A. Rivera
  • Consequences of Allee Effect on a Gause Type Predator-prey Model with Nonmonotonic Functional Response
    B. G. Yañez, E. G. Olivares
  • Index