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Proc. of the 2005 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology


Rubem Mondaini e R. Dilão (editores)

  • Preface
  • Editorial Board
  • List of Contributors
  • An Age-Structured Finite Element Model for the Population Dynamics of a Marine Organism
    A. P. C. Rio Doce, R. C. Almeida, M. I. S. Costa
  • Optimal Control of Lotka-Volterra System
    A. B. Weber, M. Rafikov, A. B. Schmid
  • Approximation and Simulation for a Model of Pollutant Dispersal in Spherical Surfaces
    C. A. Ramirez-Bernate, G. L. Diniz
  • Modeling and Solving String Selection Problems
    C. N. Meneses, P. M. Pardalos, M. G. C. Resende, A. Vazacopoulos
  • The Role of Spatial Refuge and Oriented Movement on the Host-Parasitoid Dynamics of Nicholson-Bailey
    D. C. Mistro, M. C. Varriale, V. L. Grings
  • Effects of the Curvature on the Diffusion in Molecular Surfaces
    D. Villa
  • Evaluation of Graph Based Protein Clustering Methods
    G. G. L. Costa, L. A. Digiampietri, E. H. Ostroski, J.C. Setubal
  • Characterization of the Bone Trabecular Structure: A Method with 3D Microtomography
    I. Lima, R. Lopes, L. Oliveira
  • Discovering Similarities in Mycoplasma Promoters: A Clustering Strategy
    J. F. Valiati, P. M. Engel
  • Blood Rheology and Some Non-Viscometric Computational Experiments
    J. Karam Filho, M. A. A. Bortoloti
  • Network Approach to DNA Sequence Analysis
    L. dos Santos, R. J. Panis Filho, G. Corso, N. Lemke, S. Echeverrigaray, S. de Ávila e Silva, G. J. L. Gerhardt
  • Chaos and Bifurcation in Infectious Diseases
    L. S. Ribeiro, F. A. P. dos Santos, F. F. de Sousa
  • Development of a Bioinformatic Tool for Analysis, Data Storage and Comparisons of Human mtDNA Profiles for Forensic Purposes in Brazil
    L. H. T. Caetano, A. B. G. Barbosa, E. S. de Almeida, L. A. F. da Silva
  • Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Discrete Models
    L. A. D. Rodrigues, D. J. Seidel
  • On the Hierarchical Organization of Metabolic Networks: An Underlying Mathematical Model
    M. T. dos Santos, M. V. Kritz
  • Traveling Waves for a Model of Direct Transmission with Heterogeneity
    M. Rodriguez Ricard, C.T. González González, R.C. Bassanezi
  • Mathematical Modelling of the Litter Decomposition and Accumulation in a Forest Plantation a Transient Case
    G. C. Coelho, P. A. P. Borges
  • Mathematical Modeling of the HIF-1 Mediated Hypoxic Response in Tumours
    P. Kooner, P. K. Maini, D. J. Gavaghan
  • Swarm Intelligence: The Choice of Foraging Direction in a Colony of Ants
    R. A. Assis, W. C. Ferreira Jr.
  • Calculation of Photoneutron Dose in Organs Using Adult Mathematical Phantom and Monte Carlo Method
    R. C. Castro, A. X. Silva, V.R. Crispim, M. A. Frota, A. Kelecom
  • Fuzzy Modeling in the Elimination of Drugs
    W. A. Lopes, R. S. M. Jafelice
  • Index

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