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Proc. of the Third Brazilian Symp. on Mathematical and Computational Biology - v2

Rubem Mondaini (editor)

The 3rd Brazilian Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology - III SBBMC or BIOMAT III was another opportunity of fomenting the scientific discussion among many sorts of professionals with a special interest in biological research themes. We think that these symposia are now rooted in the brazilian schedule of scientific meetings and we are pleased to have contributed to this situation. We hope to have enough financial support from universities, companies and research funding agencies in the near future, since we believe in the fundamental importance of these meetings for improving multidisciplinary research in brazilian science. We also believe that this kind of research is the right track towards the technological independence of undeveloped countries. These symposia started in the first year of the new century to be along with ideas of a new boom in scientific research: the physico-mathematical description of phenomena related to the living state. In terms of promoting scientific development, they are unique in the sense of the vocation of young scientists for a still hidden plethora of interconnected facts of biological origin. This kind of realization should be also unique for the most experienced, since it is a chance to test their knowledge in essential interdisciplinary work. The future will tell us of the real importance of these studies and their contribution to the theoretical understanding of one of the most remote scientific frontiers.


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