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Transpersonal Management: lessons from the Matrix trilogy

Julio Francisco Dantas de Rezende

  • Preface
  • Introduction
    Technology in The Matrix
    Virtual Reality: a strange new world
    The Internet and the increasing complexity of reality
    Artificial Intelligence
    Nanotechnology and the revolution of the microcosm
    Automation and making organizations autonomous
    Technology and the process of reality becoming increasingly more complex
    History, Symbolism and the Thesis of The Matrix
    A New World-View Sensibility
    Waking up to a Reality of Power
    Choosing to follow the White Rabbit
    Carefully Following a New Path
    What is the Matrix?
    A Complex explanation of Reality
    The red pill: the Process of Death and Rebirth
    The presentation of the Nebuchadnezzar Hovercraft and its crew
    The Development of a New Organizational Epistemology
    The Nebuchadnezzar and the machine metaphor
    The Nebuchadnezzar and the biblical symbolism
    Nebuchadnezzar as an organization
    Studies of the organizations
    Complex environmental analysis
    The Organizational Culture at the Nebuchadnezzar
    The Matrix and Organizational Behavior
    Organizational Commitment
    Decisive and Intuitive Proceedings
    Leadership and Trust
    Organizational Practice in The Matrix
    The development of new organizational strategies
    Management in an environment of change
    Innovation and organizational complexity
    Organizational learning and training aboard the Constructor
    Encounter with the Oracle and the reflection on responsibility and adaptability for the future
    The capture of Morpheus and the Management of the Unpredictable
    The first duel between Neo and agent Smith
    Entrepreneurship and the hero journey
    The flight of Neo and the emergence of a New Vision
    The Matrix Reloaded and Antithesis to the Criticism of Technology
    The meeting of the captains and reflections on the emergence of disobedience
    The return to Zion, Morpheus’ discourse and the expression of power
    The dialogue with Councilor Hamann and taking care of relations between men and machines
    The second contact with the Oracle and the awakening of responsible actions
    The fight against Smith and the search for non-duality
    The visit to Merovingian and reflections about true power
    Envy in Persephone and Organizations
    The power to change the world
    The contact with the Architect and the role of hope in organizations
    The destruction of the Nebuchadnezzar and taking care of the details of organizational management
    Synthesis in The Matrix Revolutions
    Sacrifice and liberation: elements for thinking about organizational transcendence
    Quality in Organizational Management
    Diversity and Complementariness
    The war and strategies of adaptability
    The arrival at Machine City and the awakening of Emotional Intelligence
    The pact between Neo and the Deus ex Machina and wholeness of vision
    The last fight between Neo and Smith
    The last scene: meeting of the Architect and the Oracle
    Internet: a new Matrix?
    The Third Renascence
    The use of technology with respect
    Technologies and the humanistic and spiritual emergence
    The Transpersonal Management
    The concept of man and consciousness in transpersonal psychology
    The transpersonal psychology applied to organizations
    States of consciousness in organizations
    The archetypes influence
    Methodology for the development of a transpersonal management
    Transpersonal Management in practice
    Stimulating Contact with Deep Motivation
    Attention to the Present Moment
    Transcendence of the ego
    Development of Intuition
    Amplifying and Raising states of consciousness
    The Importance of the self-awareness
    Contact with the hero dimension
    Genuine concern for well-being in the organization
    Communication not only of the word, but of the state of consciousness
    Making Relationships Important
    Searching new learning possibilities: the Constructor metaphor
    The value of inter-religious consciousness in organizations
    Cultivating Altered States of Consciousness in Organizations
    Immersion Of Meditative Practices within Organizations
    The Value of Dreams in Organizations
    The Value and criticism of spirituality in organizations
    Managing the Well-being of Organizations
    Limits and Challenges in Adopting a Transpersonal Management System
  • CHAPTER 10
    The Economy of Consciousness
  • Epilogue
  • References

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