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Proceedings of the Second Brazilian Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

Rubem Mondaini (editor)

  • Preface
  • Steiner Minimum Tree and applications in Global Routing using DNA Computing.
    M. S. Zamani, H. Taheri, M. M. Moallem, A. R. Nazmi
  • A Predator-Prey Model with Nonmonotonic Consumption Function.
    E. González-Olivares
  • Mathematical Models for HIV Transmission: People and Cell Populations.
    J.R.C. Piqueira, L.H.A Monteiro, E.F.Santos
  • Tumor Growth Modeling: The Interplay between Cell Adhesion and Environment Rigidity on the Morphology of Tumor.
    A. N. dos Reis, J. C. M. Mombach, M. Walter
  • The Role of Lymphocyte Population Diversity on the Selection and Dynamical Stability of Immunoglobulin Repertories.
    A. N. da Nobrega
  • Growth Modelling of Malignant Lymphoma.
    R.D. Portugal, M. G. P. Land
  • The Disproof of a Conjecture on the Steiner Ratio in E3 and Its Consequences for a Full Geometric Description of Macromolecular Chirality.
    R. Mondaini
  • Shape Spaces, Metrics and Linear Models for Evolutionary Rates.
    L.R. Monteiro, L. H. Guilhermo, L. A. Rivera
  • From Microarray Image to Biological Knowledge.
    J. Barrera, R. M. César Jr., D.O. Dantas, D. C. Martins Jr., N.W. Trepode
  • Short, Medium and Long-Term Prediction of Biological Response in a Coastal Upwheeling Field by a Neutral Network Approach.
    N. F. F. Ebecken, G. C. Pereira
  • Schistosomal Granuloma is like a Small Multicellular Organism that operates as a Complex System.
    H. L. Lenzi, W. S. Romanha
  • Applications des Réseaux de Neurones en Acoustique Environnementale.
    J. G. Slama, D. S. Sousa
  • The Mathematics of the Virus Architecture: Acritical Review.
    F. P. Câmara
  • Generator Database of Statistical Reports on the Correlation of Critical Manifestations and Molecular Data of the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (HRSV).
    L. L. Oliveira, A. L. Leal, J. E. Ferreira, M. D. Gubitoso, E. L. Durigon
  • Simulation of a Circuit of Spinal Reflex Control.
    F. A. Cruz, B. L. Dalcin, C. M. Cortez, E. P. Passos
  • Fuzzy Method for Evaluation of Spect Interictal in Patients with Difficult Control Epilepsy.
    C. A. N. Cosenza, M. E. C. Andraus, C. F. Andraus, S. V. Alves-Leon
  • Availability of Non-Heme Iron by using the Discriminant Analysis Function
    R. S. Lanzillotti, H. S. Lanzillotti, D. F. Silva
  • Educational Activities of the Brazil – USA Consortium for Health Informatics.
    E.P. Marques, H. F. Marin, E. Massad, H. Fraser, L. O.-Machado
  • An Introduction to Virtual Reality and its Health Applications.
    C. L. N. dos Santos, L. Landau
  • Index
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